Looking to get rid of leftover Halloween treats? Donate them!

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Many people in St. John's had a hard time tracking down Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters this year, with some stores selling out tiny chocolate bars and chips well in advance of Halloween night.

But after the holiday, people may be looking to get rid of leftover treats — and The Gathering Place has a suggestion.

"If people are looking for a place to drop off their extra Halloween treats, we are very grateful and they'll be used quickly," said Executive Director Joanne Thompson.

"We use it for bingo prizes. We use it as a treat because … we don't have chocolate bars or any of those kind of really lovely treats."

Thompson said Halloween treats are warmly received by people of any age, and The Gathering Place guests are no different.

Warm clothing needed

While volunteers like to treat their guests when they can, necessities at the community health centre are also greatly needed this time of year.

"COVID has been particularly difficult for the guest population, and we're seeing a real decline in people's health," Thompson said.

"Warm socks, gloves, heavy winter boots … there's a tremendous need for those things. And it's come about so quickly that we're almost caught a little off guard."

Riley Laychuk/CBC
Riley Laychuk/CBC

Thompson said the pandemic has taken a toll on guests and she wants to make sure everyone is well prepared ahead of flu season, with items such as clothing and basic toiletry items always in high demand.

"The ability to withstand the elements and also the flu season, and the fear around a potential second wave of COVID… all of these things are just making life quite harsh."

"Please consider donating the extras because we could use it," she said.

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