'I lost 190 pounds and this is my loose skin': Instagrammer gets real about weight loss effects

Photo via Instragram/Jessica Weber

If you look through Jessica Weber’s Instagram page — you’ll see photos of motivational quotes, body transformation side-by-sides and healthy foods, but she wasn’t always this focused on her health. Admitting to eating two dinners a night that mainly consisted of pasta and potatoes, the then 22-year-old needed a healthy change of pace.

“I think it was the fact that I was so close to being 400 pounds that kind of woke me up in a way to get my life together and take the steps to lose weight,” Weber, who goes by the Instagram handle jessica_vsg44, told the Daily Mail. “When I look back at pictures I can’t believe I got to be as big as I was. I can’t believe I didn’t try harder to lose weight before I got to that point.”

After undergoing weight loss surgery and drastically changing her eating habits, the Peru, Ill. native has lost more than 190 pounds. Her Instagram page is a testament to the hard work she has put in to change her life in the name of health.

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Among her posts, she shares honest photos of her current progress. While losing almost 200 pounds is a major accomplishment, Weber doesn’t shy away from sharing how the weight loss has changed her body. She even goes as far as sharing an image of her loose skin to demonstrate just how deceiving flattering clothes can be.

“I love myself in clothes and I love my tummy outside of clothes! All about self love here. It’s crazy what clothes can hide but make sure that you love yourself regardless! I lost 190 pounds and this is my loose skin left over!” she wrote.

Weber’s more than 48,000 followers are quick to cheer her on, thanking her for being an honest inspiration.

“You are an inspiration for anyone with a goal to achieve. Well done and all the best on the rest of this amazing journey,” wrote one follower.

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“Wow this is amazing! I really love how you treat yourself and how you show the girls out there that they should love their bodies no matter what,” added another.

Posting proud photos of her loose skin, Weber recently announced she has been approved for loose skin surgery.

“Today is an exciting day because my VSG doctor gave me the OK to get skin surgery! I am now looking for my skin surgeon and can’t wait to no longer carry this loose skin! I am aware that there is still fat on my body and I am going to push myself to lose more before my surgery,” she wrote.

While she has yet to pick a surgeon for her loose skin removal, Weber’s page is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to lose weight or begin a healthier lifestyle.

“Self love is truly the best love! Once you love yourself, you understand what you deserve and you know your worth.”

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