Lost and found: CBMF staff try to reunite lost items with owners

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Lost and found: CBMF staff try to reunite lost items with owners

Did you lose something when you were enjoying the Cavendish Beach Music Festival a few days ago? 

Well, you might be in luck or not as some concert goers returned to see if they could find their lost items. 

Manon Hebert from Woodstock, N.B. was one of many who were at the event's lost and found to see if she could find her daughter's sunglasses. 

"She took them off when she went to the merchandise tent and we don't know where they went from there." 

But Hebert had no luck finding the sunglasses and was giving up on finding them. 

"I think it's done now," she said of hunting for them.

Phones, bank cards and more

Sunglasses is but one of the items that seems to get lost during the four-day concert event that may or may not turn up in the lost and found. 

Jeff Squires, the CEO of Whitecap Entertainment said the lost and found area is always, to him, a bit of a funny spot. 

"A lot of phones. A lot of moms and dads phoning or emailing the the day after looking for a phone. Well, there's hundreds."

Another popular item that gets lost is credit cards, bank cards and identification cards, flip flops and fanny packs full of stuff.

The lost items are found all over the concert site - in the bathrooms, on the ground, in the garbage, in the recycling area. 

Squires said people are good about picking stuff up and turning it in.

Keep it simple

"It turns up everywhere," he said of the lost items. 

Among the odd requests from people looking for lost items was a boot cast. 

"Someone obviously walked in with a walking boot but obviously was fine enough at the end of the night to walk out without it."

Squires does have some advice for concert goers - don't bring too much stuff with you. 

"Keep it simple." 

If you're looking for a misplaced item you can e-mail info@cavendishbeachmusic.com or contact the RCMP. 

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