Maryland judge denies motions aimed at suppressing evidence against Patrik Mathews

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WASHINGTON — A Maryland judge has rejected efforts by Patrik Mathews to contest some of the evidence against the former Canadian Forces reservist and alleged neo-Nazi.

Mathews and his co-accused, Brian Lemley Jr., had hoped to convince District Court Judge Theodore Chuang to quash what they call prejudicial evidence.

Joseph Balter, Mathews' lawyer, wanted much of the wiretap, email and location evidence suppressed, arguing the search warrants violated his client's constitutional rights.

But Chuang ruled today that the warrants used to obtain the evidence met a sufficient standard for probable cause.

Mathews, a former combat engineer, vanished from Beausejour, Man., in 2019 following media reports alleging he was a recruiter for a white-supremacist group known as The Base.

He and Lemley have been in custody since January 2020. A third accused, William Bilbrough, pleaded guilty in December.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 16, 2021.

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