Lottery winner thought they won $1,000 in Idaho, but they were missing a few zeroes

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When an Idaho lottery winner came to cash their ticket, they were puzzled by the staff’s excitement.

“They didn’t understand why we were so excited to give away the $1,000 prize,” Idaho lottery officials said in a Wednesday, Sept. 21 Facebook post.

The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, soon learned they were missing a few zeroes on the amount they thought they won, officials said, as they bought the winning $100,000 Queen of Hearts Scratch Ticket at a Jerome Oasis Stop ‘N Go.

“Once we got them to believe they won six figures on this ticket, they called their partner to share the news only to have their partner not believe them,” officials said.

Lottery officials said they then wrote a “big check” so the winner could use it in a selfie to send as proof to their partner.

Though lottery officials said they are unsure what the winner plans to do with their prize, they do know the pair “recently became duckling parents.”

“We’ll be sure to carry treats for ALL kinds of pets in our office from here on out,” the Facebook post said.

Jerome is about 115 miles southeast of Boise.

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