Love is Blind: Netflix show creator reveals what will change in season two

Clémence Michallon
YouTube / Netflix

Love is Blind's first season wrapped up a month ago, but fans are already looking forward to season two.

Chris Coelen, the creator of the Netflix show, teased a few details of what’s to come in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Love is Blind‘s first season followed 30 contestants looking for love. Throughout the series, they got to know each other without ever seeing what their conversation partners looked like.

Then, they were able to propose to each other if they wanted to – and only then could they meet face-to-face.

While the show’s second season will follow much of the same format, there are a couple of key differences for viewers to take into account.

First of all, as Coelen said, the new instalment will be set in Chicago, Illinois, while the first took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

A casting notice seeking potential contestants in the area has already yielded thousands of applicants, according to Coelen.

Second of all, producers might open the show to older contestants, after a first season focused exclusively on people in their twenties and thirties.

“The age demographic that was in the first season– mid-twenties to mid-thirties – there was no magic to that,” Coelen said.

“The whole point of the show is to determine whether any of the surface factors matter... and age is one of those surface factors, so we’d certainly be open to older... but I don’t think we would go much younger. Because I think you actually would want to go with people who are interested in a real lifetime commitment.”

Some elements are expected to remain the same. Among them are the show’s pods, in which the contestants have their blind dates, as well as the number of couples featured in a season.

Love is Blind is one of many shows which have had to put production on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s unknown when season two will film and air.

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