For the Love of Ice introduces clients to benefits of ice baths

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WALKERTON – Immersing oneself in a tub of water and ice has some health benefits that some people might find surprising.

Gillian Simpson, owner of Walkerton’s For the Love of Ice, knows all about them.

She officially opened her business Aug. 13, on Victoria Street right across from the Herald-Times office. However, she started moving in this past May. The premises required extensive work to turn it into the soothing, healing oasis it is now.

“Everything came together,” she said.

It all got started when she was pregnant with her third child. She related how she was supposed to go for a cold-water swim in Lake Ontario, but had to watch – and continued to watch as her friends moved on to ice baths, etc.

After her child was born, Simpson’s husband got her a stock tank, which she still has, to try the ice bath. She moved from spending a couple of minutes in the ice to a longer time, and after about two weeks, the post partum depression from which she suffered, lifted.

“The ice brought me back,” she said. “I wanted to share it with the world.”

Simpson had been a scheduler for Bruce County paramedics, but decided to open For the Love of Ice when the right location became available.

With the help of a façade grant, the sign went up and the interior took shape. Simpson still plans to do some work on the exterior, to make it as welcoming as the interior.

“Ice helps with sleep, blood pressure, depression and anxiety,” she said. “It helps with mood, muscle recovery, inflammation, hormonal balance and weight loss.”

Most popular are the one-on-one sessions, which she recommends to people who are new to this. She spends time with the person before they enter the ice bath, talking about cold exposure.

“We do breath work – it’s really powerful,” she said.

There are also classes of 10 for people who are more experienced.

Couples sessions, for friends as well as marriage partners – include the infrared sauna – heat as well as cold has benefits but it always ends with ice, she explained.

For more information, contact Simpson at, or 519-901-0625.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times