‘Love Island USA’s Latest Dumping Sends Villa Into Turmoil & Has Islander Threaten To Self-Evict: “What The F**k Y’all?

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details of Love Island USA‘s Season 6, Episode 12, which aired on Sunday, June 23.

Ariana Madix returned to Love Island USA on Sunday night’s episode to reveal the public vote results. Viewers had been voting for their favorite couple, and the bottom three couples were at risk of being dumped from the island.

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The couples with the fewest votes were Nicole Jacky & Kendall Washington, Andrea Carmona & Rob Rausch, and JaNa Craig & Hakeem White.

Madix had the vulnerable islanders stand on both sides of her and informed the safe islanders that deciding who would be dumped from the show would be up to them. The boys would decide which boy would leave, while the girls would pick one of the girls to do the same.

Connor Newsum said they had decided to dump this particular boy “based solely on the strength of connections that we perceive all three of them to have.” Newsum said all the boys had unanimously agreed that they would dump White, keeping Rausch and Washington safe.

On the girl’s side, Serena Page said, “Love Island is all about finding those genuine connections and being open,” with “some girls getting the short end of the stick than others.” Page ultimately announced that the girls had decided to dump Carmona.

The decision to dump Carmona shocked everyone in the villa, as she had been in a couple with Rausch, seemingly going strong.

Aaron Evans looked over at Rausch, who kept saying, “I’m sorry, dude.” Rausch opted to self-evict from the villa to follow Carmona as he felt he had already found his connection.

“What the f**k y’all?” Rausch said, directing his words to the girls.

Evans begged Rausch to stay and not leave the villa as they cried.

“Why would you guys go for Andrea?” Evans questioned the girls. “[Rausch] has the strongest connection in here. Why would you knock Andrea out?”

Liv Walker said, “It was not easy for us. We didn’t want to send any of them home.”

The boys argued that the girls’ decision to dump Carmona made no sense, as she had a strong connection with Rausch.

Andrea Carmona and Rob Rausch from 'Love Island USA'
Andrea Carmona and Rob Rausch from ‘Love Island USA’

Following her dumping, Carmona said, “I’m sorry I found a connection. It’s just not fair. That’s just so f***ed to me because I’m actually growing something, which I never have in my life and now when I finally find something you can’t even let me see it through.”

Madix reiterated that Carmona and White were the dumped islanders. The Vanderpump Rules star told Rausch she didn’t think he should leave the show, but she couldn’t tell him what to do, “Only you know what’s best for you.”

The next episode of Love Island USA will air on Monday, June 24, at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on Peacock. It will show all the fallout from the dumping and see if Rausch follows through with his intention to self-evict.

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