Love and Nudes: Nude lingerie for women of colour created by Toronto woman

Like many women of colour, Chantal Carter Taylor struggled finding nude lingerie that matched her skin tone. The term “nude” has long been used synonymously with beige or lighter tones, leaving melanin-rich women with very little blending underwear options.

“I wanted to be included in fashion,” the former stylist told Yahoo Canada. “I wanted to wear things like lace tops or sheer fabrics, but I always had to compromise.”

After sifting through stores in Toronto, Montreal and even New York — it became apparent to Taylor that her colour was not being catered to.

With the support of her community, she created her own lingerie line:

<i>Photo by Arash Moallemi (supplied)</i>
Photo by Arash Moallemi (supplied)

The revolutionary brand, dubbed Love and Nudes, not only fills a void but aims to celebrate women of colour “as they are, in their own skin,” says its founder.

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“Imagine seeing ‘nude’ coloured garments that only blend with European skin tones. That can’t be good for the subconscious — it encourages other women to be something they’re not.

“We’re developing a line that represents the diverse colours of the world,” Taylor said. “I wanted to create something that was for us, by us.”

Launching this May, the wireless bras and panties line will begin distribution with the warm tones of espresso empress, knockout nutmeg, butterscotch beauty and honey love. Taylor says the range will expand with demand.

<i>Photo by Arash Moallemi (supplied)</i>
Photo by Arash Moallemi (supplied)

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The Toronto native says she hopes the line will appeal to women of various shades, including “Black women, women from South Asia, Hispanic women, Middle Eastern women — anyone with highly melanated skin.”

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