We love the steampunky vibes of this electric-assisted pedal car

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If you’ve never rented or traveled in a pedal car on a warm summer day, you’re missing out. Recently, Kinner designed a pedal car created for outdoor enthusiasts and urban explorers. The steampunk-looking quadricycle is human-powered with electric assist. Kinner claims that its electric assistance helps riders reach speeds of 15.5 mph. The Kinner-car has a long curvy hood that can lift to allow the entrance and exit of riders with space for luggage and goods. Instead of handlebars, this four-wheeled bicycle employs a more traditional steering wheel for maneuvers. The Kinner-car features two velvet-colored seats and is equipped with “road bike wheels,” but Kinner claims that riders can swap the wheels for bigger ones to accommodate other road conditions. Kinner has an optional windscreen, mirrors, lights, and more that you can add for a better riding experience. Would you take this $17,000 classic-looking steampunk bike for a stroll?

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