Love triangle crumbles on 'Bachelor Winter Games'

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was an international love triangle on The Bachelor Winter Games. Clare found herself between the supersweet Canadian, Benoit, and the harsh German, Christian. Even though Benoit was nice and really into Clare, she just wanted to stay in the friend zone. So Benoit packed up his maple syrup and left the house. As he was leaving, Benoit told Clare, “There will be always a little place in my chest for you, OK? I love you so much.”

With Benoit gone, Clare could focus on Christian, whom she immediately got into a fight with over a simple misunderstanding. Christian thought they were going to have dinner and get in the hot tub. Unfortunately, the hot tub was full so Clare went upstairs. But when the hot tub cleared out, Christian was looking for Clare and she was nowhere to be found. So they got into a huge argument. Clare was so frustrated with Christian that when it came time for the rose ceremony, she was ready to throw it all away. “I don’t think that I want to accept a rose if Christian offered it to me,” she said. “And if that means going home, that means going home.”

So when Christian offered Clare his rose, we were all ready for her to throw it back in his face. But at the last second, Clare had a change of heart and accepted his rose anyway. “I never give up on love, and I never give up on where love can come from or where you can find it,” she said. “If I didn’t believe in that, I wouldn’t be here.

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