Low-cost rabies clinics open in the region

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If you have a new dog or cat in the family, you will be required to get them a rabies shot once they reach three months of age.

The annual series of low-cots rabies clinics are now open across Simcoe County.

These clinics provide an affordable way to get rabies shots for dogs and cats.

Having your pets vaccinated will not only help them, it will protect your family. Rabies is a fatal disease that can spread to humans through the bites of scratches of an infected animal.

In 2020, health unit staff in Ontario investigated 1,515 animal exposure incidents. This resulted in rabies vaccines required for people as a precaution.

If your pet’s vaccination is current, your pet is protected from fox, raccoon, and bat strain rabies. Other animals, including ferrets and livestock are also required to be vaccinated if they come in contact with the general public.

Owners are required to provide proof of vaccination upon request from a public health inspector. If your dog or cat wasn’t vaccinated during a routine veterinary visit, you can take advantage of the low-cost rabies clinics in your area.

Every year, the Health Unit works with local veterinarians to arrange low-cost rabies clinics for animals in the Simcoe-Muskoka region.

These clinics happen during the fall months and pet owners are encouraged to visit and have their animal vaccinated if it wasn’t done at your veterinarian’s office.

While rabies is a serious thing, the good news is that it is preventable.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to have pets vaccinated and avoid contact with wild or stray animals who may be carrying the disease.

Even indoor pets are required to be vaccinated.

To find a low-cost rabies clinic near you, visit the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians website.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times

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