Low water levels at Glenmore Reservoir launch sailing roadshow

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Low water levels at Glenmore Reservoir launch sailing roadshow

They're taking it on the road.

With lower water levels in the Glenmore Reservoir as a result of a flood mitigation project, local sailing club members decided it was time to take their passion to the people.

"We figured there was an opportunity to take sailing to the public, instead of asking the public to come to the lake where the water is a little low this year," Nollind van Bryce told CBC News.

He's a board member at the Glenmore Sailing Club, and was promoting the club's Sailing in the City program at Lake Chaparral in southeast Calgary on Wednesday.

"It's great to see a grandparent take a grandkid and get in a sailboat," van Bryce said.

"They used to sail when they were a kid and they are introducing their grandkid to sailing. We hear stories like that all the time when we are out on the water."

The club plans to introduce sailing to people around the city at lake communities all summer. Members show up with all the equipment, including experts, and get people out on the water, hopefully infecting them with sailing bug in the process.

"Going sailing when it's a beautiful blue sky and lots of clouds like this, it just adds to the party."

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With files from James Young