Lower speed limits coming to Delta

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New lower speed limits are on the horizon for Delta.

Last November, the Delta and Area Community Enhancement Committee raised concerns over speeding in the village. The township of Rideau Lakes municipal services committee heard those concerns in mid-December, and they then made their way to the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, as the main drag in Delta is a continuation of County Road 42.

Now new, lower speed limits will be implemented this year, although the exact date has yet to be determined.

A traffic study completed by the counties supported making the change, according to Melanie Knowles, the counties' manager of engineering and operations.

"The 85th percentile speed varied from 36 kilometers per hour to 50 kilometers per hour within the core of the village," said Knowles.

Road conditions on that section of County Rd 42 – King Street in Delta – already make speeding difficult, explained Knowles.

"Currently the speed limit on County Road 42 is 50 kilometers per hour, but you can hardly reach 40 kilometers per hour on that stretch, because there are so many twists and turns – some almost 90 degree angles," she said.

While the reduced speed limit has been approved by counties council the changes won't take effect immediately.

"The signs will be installed in the spring once the ground thaws," said Knowles.

The changes will affect the same section of County Road 42 that is currently posted at 50 km/h, starting from 230 meters southeast of John Street to 30 meters northwest of Daytown Road in the village of Delta.

At the same time, the township will be lowering the speed limit throughout the village to 40 km/h.

"We will be reducing the speed limit now that council has ratified the change. We may have to wait until spring to get the signs up, but we'll do that as soon as we can,” said Dan Chant, township roads coordinator, adding: "We will also be replacing the two stop signs at the William Street intersection with larger stop signs."

The Delta CEC had also recommended that the word "SLOW" be painted in two places on Matthew Street, one at the top of the hill and the other part of the way down. However, that also has to wait until the township gets to the annual scheduled line painting.

"We contract with the county for the line painting in the township, so we'll be adding the painting on Matthew to that contract," said Chant.

Heddy Sorour, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Brockville Recorder and Times