LRT fix: Riders weigh what bringing back express buses would mean

One of the main short-term solutions for the ongoing headaches with Ottawa's new light rail system is a blast from the past.

City officials are considering a sort of return to the set-up from Sept. 14 to Oct. 5, running express buses downtown alongside the LRT.

Commuters who spoke to CBC about that proposal had a range of opinions.

Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Laila Figueredo

Gilles Taillon/Radio-Canada

"There are not many other options, so I guess so.

it's too bad the train doesn't work, but if the train doesn't work we have to go back to the buses.

I think there are a lot of people to blame, but right now it's not important to blame someone, it's about fixing it.

The main thing is focusing on the resolution, not blame." 

Veronica Thomas


"I think it would be helpful.

Tuesday was really bad because of the problems and lineups of people trying to get onto the train.

The disruption that it costs other people, the loss of time, the loss of work — it's going to come out of somebody's pocket.

It's either coming out of [the city's] pocket which eventually is coming out of our pocket — they're going to increase our Presto [fares] — or it's going to come out of the pockets of people who lose their time from work.

That day I lost two hours."

Joanne Faucher


"It sounds very costly. I'm definitely not in favour.

I was not in favour of the train to begin with but if it's here, let's use it and we will get used to it.

I work in IT and change takes time, whether it's an IT system or a new train.

We just have to be patient. I certainly don't want to pay more to accommodate parallel bus routes, that's for sure." 

Jacqueline Shigwadja


"I think that would be a good idea, especially for the people who are always running late or who just want to get home because it's frustrating.

I don't know what the city would otherwise spend that money on, but I still think it's important."