Lucid Air cargo space

Lucid Air cargo space

Video Transcript

- All right, let's talk cargo in this Lucid Air. As you can see here, this is a very unusual trunk opening. It's just a gigantic clamshell. It's very wide, not that deep. And at first glance, actually, not that big.

But you remove this, boom-- quite a lot of space underneath here. You could fit, say, a carry-on bag, maybe something else, and some cleaning supplies. And then here, this very perfectly fit bag is where the charge cables go into. And it's actually open down here-- not on that side as much, but this is a structural cross member.

And this car does have a frunk. And it's a very large frunk-- larger than a Tesla Model S and a Taycan. Much like the trunk, actually, the frunk is very wide. And there's more than meets the eye initially. Lift this up, boom-- quite a large, deep space, you could fit a pretty sizable suitcase in here. So there you go-- cargo space definitely a plus here in the Lucid Air.

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