Lucknow getting new subdivision

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HURON-KINLOSS – A draft plan of subdivision came before council on Oct. 14, for the west side of Lucknow.

The proposed plan for Hellyn Development Inc. would see a 5.109-hectare property developed for residential use. The subdivision would consist of 28 detached dwelling lots, four townhouse blocks and a stormwater management block. New municipal streets will also be constructed, with two connections to Montgomery Lane at Hamilton Street and Rose Street.

The total number of townhouses will be between 38 to 46, depending on the width of the units.

The application proposes to rezone the land to allow for reduced frontages on certain lots.

The planning report stated the land is presently used for agriculture, but is designated primary urban communities in the Bruce County Official Plan, and residential in the township’s Official Plan.

The property is within the village’s settlement area. Lands to the east and south are residential, with a mix of single-family dwellings, townhouses and vacant lots.

The subdivision will have municipal water and sewers since Lucknow is one of two fully serviced settlement areas in the township. The holding designation will remain in place until the availability of water servicing is confirmed.

In discussion, council heard the development could be done in phases.

There was concern expressed about stormwater management – primarily, how it will affect a neighbouring property. Council was told the stormwater management plan for the subdivision will not worsen the situation on the neighbouring property.

Plans haven’t been finalized for the stormwater management pond, but Matt Farrell, building and planning manager, stressed that safety is an ongoing consideration for such projects. The pond could be fenced.

There was some question about why the Bluewater District School Board would be concerned about sidewalks in the subdivision, and council was told, “They’re looking at it from a long-range planning point of view.”

The plan will be coming back to council.

Deputy Mayor Don Murray commented, “This is an exciting time for Lucknow … seeing buildings on those lots will be exciting.”

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times