'Lucky cat': Stowaway stuck in car's exhaust system seeks home

A stowaway feline is looking for a home after being pulled from the exhaust system of Pam Wellings's car stinking of fumes.

"That's one very lucky cat," said Wellings of the two-hour rescue mission. "They said that the cat would not have gotten out by itself."

On Dec. 11, Wellings wrapped up her volunteer shift at the St. Albert Seniors Centre and made the 15-minute drive home. In her garage, Wellings heard a loud meow coming from under her vehicle.

Wellings called on the help of two neighbours and eventually three peace officers but they couldn't free the feline.

"I started to think 'Oh my God this cat's not going to survive — it's going to die under there'," Wellings said.

Roadrunners Towing got a call and dispatched driver Billy Paradis to the scene.

Paradis rolled the Acura sedan out of the garage and partially up on to his flatbed, hoisting it up so he could crawl underneath.  

But the cat was wedged in so tightly, he couldn't pry her loose. He removed the bracket, and with the help of an officer, pulled down the exhaust pipe, finally freeing the cat.

"The cat was just whining and crying so bad, I kind of felt bad for the little bugger," said Paradis, who expressed said he was surprised the cat came out in such good shape after prolonged exposure to the heat of the exhaust pipe.

Wellings praised the response of the officers.

"It was just so heartwarming to see the concern from three peace officers who I'm sure have got more to do than try and get a cat from under a car," Wellings said.

Without a microchip to identify an owner, the cat, now named Sweets, is in the care of the Edmonton Humane Society.

She is one of 65 cats and kittens up for adoption as part of the 'New Year, New Feline Friend' event that starts Saturday.

"EHS' medical team determined she's about three years old and despite her ordeal, she's in good health but was understandably a bit scared when she arrived and smelled of car exhaust," humane society spokesperson Kylie Adams said in an email.

Edmonton Humane Society

"She has since had a teeth cleaning with some teeth pulled and has recovered well. Our team has described her as very sweet and eager for interaction."