Lucky Charms Has a New Honey Clovers Cereal for an Extra Sweet Start to the Day

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Photo credit: Instagram @cereallife
Photo credit: Instagram @cereallife

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New cereal alert! General Mills is making breakfast a touch sweeter with its latest variety of Lucky Charms. A photo of the new Lucky Charms Honey Clovers has been leaked, so you can thank Instagram account @cereallife for getting this box in front of us.

Based off of the packaging, we can see that the cereal pieces got a makeover. Instead of the various shapes that the oat part of the cereal typically comes in, this one features all four-leaf clovers, as seen on the packaging. We’re assuming that’s where we’ll get the honey flavor on the sweetened cereal as well.

Just like with the classic variety, the Lucky Charms Honey Clovers feature those beloved marshmallows. With hearts, moons, shooting stars, balloons, moons, rainbows, and more, it looks like the same marshmallows from regular Lucky Charms.

Again, this cereal just leaked. Literally, just a few hours ago. So there isn’t a lot of information available aside from the picture. However, Best Products has reached out to the General Mills team to see when we can expect to find this in our cereal aisle! We’ll keep you updated so you can plan breakfast accordingly.

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