Lucyd is Working Towards Decentralizing the Augmented Reality Market

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / February 13, 2018 / According to market statistics contained in the Digi-Capital report of Q1 2018 that provides an overview of the virtual reality and the augmented reality (VR/AR) market, the industry's gross worth may exceed the US$ 100 billionth mark by 2021. This forecast only focuses on the conventional industry players such as Samsung, Facebook, and HTC, the leading industry players at the moment.

However, a blockchain entrant, Lucyd, that is keen on revolutionizing the industry even further may push the market value by some more billion dollars. The company, currently undertaking an initial coin offering (ICO), proposes to make ergonomic sunglasses that will enhance users' visual experience. Also, it is developing a blockchain platform that will power an app that makes it easy for users in the AR environment to create, distribute and experience the content shared within the AR space.

Moreover, the platform is making available through the ICO, a native token, LCD, which shall enable p2p value transfer in the AR space.

Lucyd Aims to Revolutionize AR Ecosystem

Founded in 2017 as a portfolio company of Tekcapital PLC, Lucyd borrows from a wealthy parentage of a public company that strives to publicise university discoveries and turns them into solutions for day-to-day issues. Lucyd is riding on this reputation to develop disruptive smart glasses featuring advanced technologies such as prescription lens compatibility, customizable control scheme, advanced eye tracking, low-profile form factor and enhanced focus.

The company already has a good run because all the features mentioned above are lacking in similar or competing products already available in the market. Besides, the parent company has a network of university research teams that encompass some 4,500 research institutions from all over the world. This extensive network probably explains why Lucyd has been able to register all the innovative patents behind their products.

The company says on their website that "we've assembled a highly-qualified team to bring alive our dream of user-friendly, decentralized smart glasses." The statement further adds that "the company ranks holds seven qualified scientists that hold Ph.D. degrees, including the lead inventor behind Lucyd's patents, and executives that all have decades of experience in public companies." The company's CEO, Clifford Cross has been at the helm of three companies that have all eventually gone public.

Lucyd is in the process of raising money from the public to help it achieve these lofty dreams.

Details of the Lucyd Token Sale

Lucyd launched the pre-sale of the token generation event for LCD on October 17, 2017. The exercise concluded about a fortnight later on October 31, 2017, with the general sale starting immediately. This second auction shall end on February 28, 2018, with a total of 50 million tokens of the 100 million in supply, available for sale.

The hard cap of the ICO is US$ 10 with almost 40% raised so far. Interested contributors can get more information from Lucyd's website, their white paper available here, or via their Telegram channel.

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Name: Aditya Prakash

SOURCE: Lucyd Technology

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