Lunenburg wastewater treatment plant could be down for weeks

It could be weeks before the wastewater treatment plant in Lunenburg is even partially functioning again.

The plant was flooded on Saturday because of storm surge during Hurricane Dorian. It had to be shut down.

The town's mayor said assessments are ongoing. She is not sure when repairs will be completed.

"I wish we did have a target, but when you are dealing with unprecedented situations we're really not a hundred per cent [certain] how well things will work," said Rachel Bailey.

Some equipment needs to be replaced

According to the town's latest update, parts of the plant were undamaged while other equipment needs to be replaced.

New parts have been ordered. But even the sections of the system that appear to be working will have to be brought back online one at a time.

"It will take a restart that happens in phases," said Bailey. "Hopefully, we don't incur any mishaps, but that's certainly a possibility."

The mayor said there may be changes made to try to prevent this type of problem in the future depending on the results of the assessments

But Bailey noted that Lunenburg is a coastal town on a peninsula and it might be impossible to avoid all the risks.

Town residents are being asked to be extra vigilant about what they flush down the toilet or pour down the drains while the wastewater goes mostly untreated into the harbour.