Lupita Nyong’o desperate to star in rom-com

Lupita Nyong’o is dreaming of starring in a romantic comedy.

The 41-year-old actress has made her name with a string of hard-hitting roles in films such as ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Us’, but is now pleading with Hollywood casting directors to put her in a light-hearted movie.

She told an event hosted by Paramount Pictures and Hollywood Confidential to celebrate her work: “Please tell everybody I'm looking for the rom-com. I am here, I’m taking calls.

“Listen, if I need to audition, I’ll do it. I’m dying to do a comedy – dying to do a comedy.”

Lupita won a best supporting actress Oscar in 2014 for her work in director Sir Steve McQueen’s horrific 19th Century-set drama ‘12 Years a Slave’, and has portrayed a spy and romantic interest to Chadwick Boseman in ‘Black Panther’.

She has even started to advertise her comedy abilities online by posting

light-hearted videos of herself and her cat on social media to show her playful side.

Lupita added: “I’m trying to tell these executives that I’m funny and that I can be light-hearted and light-footed.

“But I do have more dramatic roles in the can than light ones, so someone’s just got to take a chance with me.

“So consider this my open application.”

Despite her dreams of a comedy role, the actress is currently starring in the ‘Quiet Place’ prequel ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’.

She said about landing the part in the horror franchise: “I was very honoured to get offered this role because I think it is a very innovative world that John Krasinski created.”

‘The US Office’ actor John, 43, starred in and directed the first ‘Quiet Place’ movie in 2018, and Lupita called his dark creation about alien monsters who terrorise humanity by eating them every time they hear them move or make a sound “a fun world”.

She added: “It’s a very specific world. It’s a tense world.”