Lush's free bath bomb giveaway sends fans wild

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Lush is gving away 100,000 bath bombs today. (Getty Images)
Lush is gving away 100,000 bath bombs today. (Getty Images)

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice long soak in a deliciously scented bath – and if you're quick today you can do it for free as Lush is giving away 100,000 free bath bombs.

Fans of the fizzy bath salts flocked to Lush stores across the country to snap up the free offer.

The store decided to launch the giveaway to promote the importance of relaxation and wellbeing on World Bath Bomb Day.

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Lush is famous for its bath bombs.
Lush is famous for its bath bombs.

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Shoppers lucky enough to grab a free bath bomb took to social media to praise the store's generosity.

Melissa Shergold tweeted: "If you do one thing today… go into Lush, they’re helping you pick a free bath bomb to try!!"

Another fan tweeted: "Popped to Lush before work and the free bath bomb I got for world bath bomb day was my FAVE ONE!"

Lush staff will be on-hand all day to help shoppers select the perfect bath bomb to help you relax and unwind or energise after a hard day's work – but with a flurry of freebie-hunters expected, don't hang around!

We all love a relaxing bath. (Getty Images)
We all love a relaxing bath. (Getty Images)

Lush was also encouraging customers to book the ultimate bathing experience at three Lush Spa locations across the country – Bath, Oxford Street and Liverpool.

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Lush Oxford Street and Lush Bath’s 'Book a Bath' events will feature a mini immersive bathing experience inspired by The Lakes bath bomb for those looking to reconnect with nature and briefly submerge in lush, floral landscapes.

Lush Liverpool’s 'Book a Bath' days take inspiration from Diamond Dust bath bombs for those looking to "soak in swirls of sparkle".

The 'Book a Bath' session costs £40 for a 30-minute bathing experience plus a 15-minute consultation. Sounds magical... Sigh.

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