I’m a Celebrity 2023: Nigel Farage voted by the public for first disgusting eating trial of the series

The return of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is upon us.

The reality series is returning to screens with the first episode of the 2023 season airing tonight (19 November) at 9pm on ITV. The episode is due to run longer than usual, concluding at 10.45pm.

Viewers will get their first look at the new crop of celebrities decamping to the Australian outback in the hopes of being crowned this year’s King or Queen of the Jungle.

All eyes will undoubtedly be on former Ukip and Brexit party MEP Nigel Farage who, following in the footsteps of disgraced politician Matt Hancock last year, is among the stars entering the jungle.

Farage will be joined by This Morning’s Josie Gibson, Jamie Lynn Spears, and YouTuber Nella Rose. You can find the full line-up of 2023 campmates here.

In a preview of the first episode, Farage, 59, is seen waist-deep in a trough of disgusting brown sludge, wearing clear goggles and a stained pink button-down shirt.

The politician-turned-GB News presenter previously said that he would not be able to take part in some of the bushtucker trials due to health problems resulting from a 2010 plane crash.

I’m a Celeb airs every night except Saturdays at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

Key Points

  • I’m a Celebrity... full line-up

  • Preview teases the ominously titled Temple of Doom challenge

  • Is there prize money for the winner?

22:44 , Annabel Nugent

There you have it... the first episode of I’m a Celeb 2023 has come to an end – and what an eventful episode it was.

And to no one’s surprise...

22:43 , Annabel Nugent

The public has voted for Nigel Farage to take part in the first disgusting food challenge of the series: the ominously titled “The Jungle Pizzeria”.

Joining the ex-politician will be YouTuber Nella Rose.

22:40 , Annabel Nugent

Jamie-Lynn told campmates that with acting, she “loves to play someone people are meant to hate but they end up liking”.

Given the controversy surrounding her relationship with sister Britney Spears, it seems that perhaps Nigel Farage isn’t the only one seeking to rehabilitate their image on I’m A Celeb.

Britney Spears is ‘working to feel more compassion’ for sister Jamie Lynn

22:38 , Annabel Nugent

On the menu tonight... Kangaroo hind!

Luckily, Fred knows what to do: just add a little bit of water.

22:36 , Annabel Nugent

Like many teenagers in the Noughties, Danielle used to watch Jamie-Lynn in the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 after school.

Now, they’re bunking together – small world!

22:33 , Annabel Nugent

Also, did anyone else catch that NSFW joke about JLS star Marvin?

“JLS – juicy little scrotum...” OK Ant and Dec.

Home sweet home!

22:29 , Annabel Nugent

Grace, Fred, Sam, and Danielle are the first to arrive at their new digs, which they seem strangely enthusiastic about. Not sure that will last long.


22:27 , Annabel Nugent

Who do you want to take part in the first gruesome food trial of the season? Vote now!


22:24 , Annabel Nugent

Nigel Farage sticks head in a box of snakes in first I’m A Celebrity challenge

22:23 , Annabel Nugent

Nick is clearly in it to win – creepy crawlies be damned.

22:21 , Annabel Nugent

Wait, Temple of Doom is apparently the first trial of the series? What do you call the skydiving? Or the hell holes? Or the brown sludge?

22:19 , Annabel Nugent

They did really throw those creepy crawlies on them at the last-minute, didn’t they?

22:16 , Annabel Nugent

Safe to say Jamie-Lynn is not a fan of green ants...

22:14 , Annabel Nugent

First skydiving, now Temple of Doom... they can’t catch a break, can they?

22:14 , Annabel Nugent

“It was just... very disgusting,” says Nella in what must be the understatement of the century.

The challenge had successful outcome, though, with the trio winning seven tokens for seven more minutes for their campmates.

22:12 , Annabel Nugent

That is some suspiciously grey sludge Nigel and Nella are wading through right now...


That’s a nice way of looking at it!

22:06 , Annabel Nugent

“It was like living out my childhood dreams of being a fairy,” says Jamie-Lynn post-skydive.

That’s one way to arrive...

22:04 , Annabel Nugent

Jamie-Lynn, Marvin, and Nick are skydiving into camp – with Jamie-Lynn the first to go!

Here comes Jamie-Lynn...

22:02 , Annabel Nugent

Joining Nick and Marvin is Jamie-Lynn Spears – actor, singer and, of course, sister to Britney Spears.

Meet Nick Pickard

22:01 , Annabel Nugent

“I’m like a dustbin,” says soap royalty Nick Pickard, who is most apprehensive about the food situation at camp – namely the scarcity of it.

Next up...

21:59 , Annabel Nugent

... is self-confessed acrophobic Marvin Humes.

Marvin, 38, originally found fame as part of boyband JLS on The X Factor in 2008, with the group finishing in second place. After splitting in 2013, the band reformed in 2019 and have just completed a tour.

Josie Gibson makes Brexit jibe to Nigel Farage as he says he's dealt with many snakes

21:58 , Annabel Nugent

Full list of contestants...

21:55 , Annabel Nugent


21:53 , Annabel Nugent

“You smell great, by the way!” Even after completing death-defying challenge, Sam Thompson is full of compliments for Ant.

‘C’mon Sam, you can do it!'

21:50 , Annabel Nugent

Aw, Grace shouting out support for Sam. I’d barely be able to speak.

Anyone else haunted by this image?

21:49 , Annabel Nugent

Nigel Farage in ‘hell hole’ challenge in episode one (Shutterstock)
Nigel Farage in ‘hell hole’ challenge in episode one (Shutterstock)

Anyone else’s palms sweaty just watching this?

21:44 , Annabel Nugent

Danielle and Fred are smashing it!

 (James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock)
(James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock)

Snakes or heights?

21:42 , Annabel Nugent

What would you rather? Watching this, it’s a tough choice.

No sign yet of these campmates...

21:40 , Annabel Nugent

Still to come are Jamie-Lynn Spears, Marvin Humes, and Nick Pickard.

Don’t look down!

21:37 , Annabel Nugent

Grace Dent, Danielle Harold, Sam Thompson, and Fred Sirieix take on their first sky-high challenge. Those with a fear of heights – look away now!

21:34 , Annabel Nugent

Three tokens for Nigel Farage! Three tokens for Josie Gibson! And... zero for Nella.


21:32 , Annabel Nugent

“Oh they’re horrible, aren’t they?” Nigel Farage appears utterly unimpressed by the several snakes he is facing in this first challenge, which bodes well for future bushtucker trials.

How long is tonight’s episode?

21:29 , Annabel Nugent

This being the first episode of the 2023 season, viewers are being treated to an extra long 105-minute instalment. The episode will conclude at 10.45pm – plenty of more time for creepy crawlies.


21:25 , Annabel Nugent

Fair to say that Nella is not a fan of snakes. The YouTuber stuck her head in the “hell hole” to discover several slippery, slithery reptiles.


21:24 , Annabel Nugent

Nothing good has ever come from a sign saying “Insert Head Here”...

Oh no

21:23 , Annabel Nugent

I’m already feeling dizzy looking at that rooftop challenge. I don’t know what it is but anything 100m above the ground has me nervous.

Who is Grace Dent?

21:21 , Annabel Nugent

Joining Sam Thompson and Fred Sirieix on the rooftop is broadcaster, author and food critic Grace Dent, who has written restaurant articles for The Guardian and Evening Standard. You may also recognise her as a guest judge on MasterChef UK.

Grace Dent on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ (ITV)
Grace Dent on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ (ITV)

Bonjour Fred!

21:19 , Annabel Nugent

Fred Sirieux may be in for a shock. It doesn’t get much further from First Dates than I’m a Celeb... no fancy dinners here!

Next up: Sam Thompson

21:16 , Annabel Nugent

“I’m a slightly cheeky chappy,” says Sam Thompson, best known for his role on another reality show Made In Chelsea.

Highlight of the episode so far

21:15 , Annabel Nugent

“It’s giving Texas Chainsaw Massacre Vibes,” says Nella.

 (Bryanston Distributing Company)
(Bryanston Distributing Company)

Let the games begin!

21:13 , Annabel Nugent

The other celebrities are trying to win stars for their first meal in camp – and the amount of time they have to do so is down to Nigel, Josie, and Nella who are due to embark on their first challenge.

Who is Nella Rose?

21:12 , Annabel Nugent

Joining Nigel Farage and Josie Gibson in the outback is YouTuber Nella Rose – who evidently has a big fanbase cheering her on from home.

That didn’t take long!

21:11 , Annabel Nugent

There you have it, the first Brexit joke of the series – courtesy of Josie Gibson.

21:10 , Annabel Nugent

“I’m a hero to some people – and an absolute villain to others,” says Nigel Farage – which is... putting it lightly.

Viewers boycott I’m a Celeb 2023

21:08 , Annabel Nugent

While thousands will undoubtedly be tuning in tonight, a fair amount of viewers have declared they are boycotting the show in protest of a certain controversial politician on the line-up...

First look...

21:06 , Annabel Nugent

Jamie Lynn Spears, Fred Sirieux, and Nigel Farage are already looking very home at the camp

And we’re off!

21:02 , Annabel Nugent

I’m a Celebrity 2023 is officially here...

How much do contestants get paid to go on I’m a Celeb?

21:00 , Annabel Nugent

The fee varies from contestant to contestant, and is dependent on how in-demand and famous the celebrity is.

It’s speculated that most celebrities can be expected to fetch upwards of £30,000 from heading to the jungle.

Does the winner get any prize money?

20:40 , Annabel Nugent

Unfortunately for the contestants, winning King or Queen of the Jungle does not come with a cash prize seperate to the fee they receive for appearing on the show.

Boy George on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 2022 (ITV)
Boy George on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 2022 (ITV)

Who is competing on this year’s I’m a Celeb?

20:20 , Annabel Nugent

From soap stars and TV hosts, to one controversial ex-politician – this season will certainly be a rumble in the jungle...

Meet the I’m a Celebrity 2023 contestants

Ant and Dec share first-look at I'm A Celebrity jungle camp

20:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

Jamie Lynn Spears says she wants people to see ‘the real me’ on I’m a Celeb

19:30 , Tom Murray

One of the show’s biggest signings this season, Jamie Lynn Spears has said she hopes to show people “the real me” during her time on I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

“There is literally every misconception you can have on a person about me so I don’t take any of it seriously,” Jamie Lynn told ITV ahead of her arrival in the jungle. “But I do think going on I’m A Celebrity will be a nice way for people to see the real me.”

The American actor and sister of pop star Britney Spears will appear in the 21st series of the ITV reality show, which launches this Sunday (19 November).

The former Zoey 101 star, 32, came under fire in recent years amid her older sister’s 13-year battle to end her conservatorship, which was finally terminated in November 2021.

I’m a Celebrity’s Nigel Farage reveals why he’ll be exempt from some Bushtucker Trials

18:30 , Maanya Sachdeva

Nigel Farage has revealed that his health issues will prevent him from taking part in certain Bushtucker Trials during his upcoming stint on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

More details here:

Nigel Farage reveals why he’ll be exempt from some I’m a Celeb trials

Meet the contestants entering the ITV jungle

18:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

Ahead of the season premiere tonight, get to know the contestants entering the Australian jungle for the getaway of their lives...

Meet the I’m a Celebrity 2023 contestants

The best moments from I’m a Celeb over the years

17:20 , Maanya Sachdeva

Nigel Farage jokes about bumper payday for entering I’m A Celebrity

17:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

I’m A Celebrity star Josie Gibson says her family thinks she’s ‘mad’ for joining jungle

16:40 , Maanya Sachdeva

Here’s everything the This Morning presenter has said about her forthcoming stint on the survival reality series:

I’m a Celebrity star says her family thinks she’s “mad” for joining jungle

Nadine Dorries offers predictions on Nigel Farage I’m a Celebrity run

16:20 , Maanya Sachdeva

Nadine Dorries, the first sitting MP to take part inI’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! over 10 years ago, thinks Nigel Farage will do “very well” on the jungle reality series.

Asked if she felt I’m a Celebrity would increase his popularity, Dorries said: “I think Nigel will do very very well. He’s got the chutzpah, he’s got the personality. I think he’ll do very well in I’m a Celebrity.

Read more here:

Nadine Dorries offers predictions on Nigel Farage’s controversial I’m a Celebrity run

I’m A Celebrity: Jamie Lynn Spears ‘refuses’ to take part in interviews

16:00 , Maanya Sachdeva

Jamie Lynn Spears is reportedly refusing to do interviews ahead of her I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! stint.

Find out why here:

I’m A Celebrity: Jamie Lynn Spears ‘refuses’ to take part in interviews

JLS star Marvin Humes says tearful goodbye to family

15:40 , Annabel Nugent

The musician shared a tearful goodbye with his family as he landed in Australia ahead of tonight’s launch episode.

Humes, 38, was visibly emotional in a video as he said farewell to his This Morning presenter wife Rochelle and their children.

I’m A Celeb’s Marvin Humes says tearful goodbye to family as he lands in Australia

Nigel Farage shares biggest worry of entering the jungle as first trial revealed

15:20 , Annabel Nugent

To Nigel Farage, being away from the news cycle is more frightening than creepy crawlies and stomach-churning meals...

Why do all contestants wear red socks?

15:00 , Annabel Nugent

It is tradition for the stars to wear the trademark camper gear: red pants or shorts, a red waistcoat and red socks.

The reason for the brightly coloured footwear, however, is rather creepy...

The gross reason why contestants wear red socks during the show

First look at the I’m a Celebrity camp site

14:40 , Annabel Nugent

Ant and Dec have shared an “exclusive” first look inside the I’m A Celebrity jungle camp ahead of Sunday night’s launch show – take a look below...

Ant and Dec share exclusive first-look at I’m A Celebrity jungle camp

The 10 most memorable I’m a Celebrity challenges

14:20 , Annabel Nugent

From creepy crawlies to flies or maybe even spiders for lunch, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is back for another season, as the show prepares to welcome ten new stars to take on the Australian jungle.

While some grisly bushtucker trials may be interesting to watch, others might have viewers stomachs turning.

I’m A Celebrity: The 10 most memorable challenges

How much is Nigel Farage being paid?

14:00 , Annabel Nugent

Before his stint on the show was confirmed, Farage said that he was “seriously considering” the series after being offered “really quite substantial sums of money” to sign up.

It has been reported that Farage will make £1.5m from the appearance – the highest any person has ever been paid to appear. This trounces Noel Edmond’s £600,000, which he received in 2022.

I’m a Celebrity fans threaten to boycott series over controversial contestant

13:40 , Annabel Nugent

News that Nigel Farage would be among this year’s campmates attracted criticism among viewers, with some even threatening to boycott the season.

Farage is known for espousing right-wing views on subjects ranging from immigration and the gender pay gap, and over the years, has been accused of inciting xenophobia.

Read all about the controversy here...

I’m a Celebrity fans threaten to boycott series over controversial contestant

Every I’m a Celebrity winner – and what they did next

13:24 , Annabel Nugent

Last year’s series was won by ex-footballer Jill Scott, who was crowned Queen of the Jungle over actor Owen Warner and disgraced politican Matt Hancock who were also in the final three.

Other stars to have triumphed in previous years include fellow football star Harry Redknapp, Vicky Pattison, Kian Egan, Christopher Biggins, and first-ever winner Tony Blackburn.

Read all about the past champions here...

I’m a Celebrity has become a dystopian rehab for disgraced politicians

13:21 , Ellie Harrison

By the time Matt Hancock left the jungle last year, he had gained popularity and was even considered a hearthrob by some, writes Ellie Harrison. Now Nigel Farage is going down under the with the hope of restoring his own reputation...

I’m a Celebrity has become a dystopian rehab for disgraced politicians

What was the Kiosk Keith controversy?

13:16 , Annabel Nugent

Kiosk Keith was just as much a staple on I’m a Celebrity as Ant and Dec, before he was allegedly fired from the show in 2017.

Read about the controversy surrounding his departure here...

Is there prize money for the winner?

13:15 , Annabel Nugent

We may be getting ahead of ourselves here given that the first episode is still yet to air, but viewers routinely wonder whether the winning contestant receives any prize money.

Unfortunately for the stars, there is no cash prize for winning I’m a Celeb – but they are paid a set fee to appear on the show.

This amount varies from contestant to contestant depending on how famous and coveted the celebrity is.

Read more here...

I’m a Celebrity 2022 prize money: How much are contestants paid?

Spoiler shows stars take on first trial of the series: Temple of Doom...

13:09 , Maanya Sachdeva

ITV bosses are not wasting any time this year torturing their roster of celebrity contestants.

New footage of tonight’s first episode shows the stars getting down and dirty in the first trial of the series, aptly named Temple of Doom...

Watch: I’m A Celebrity spoiler shows three campmates take on Temple of Doom trial

Meet the contestants entering the ITV jungle

13:00 , Annabel Nugent

This year’s crop of contestants include soap stars, TV presenters and a controversial former politician-turned-GB News host.

They’ll be hoping to follow in the footsteps of Lioness Jill Scott, who was crowned Queen of the Jungle in December 2022.

Below, we run through every single star entering the Australian jungle for the 21st series of I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Meet the I’m a Celebrity 2023 contestants