Machine Gun Kelly Dedicates BBMAs Song to "Wife" Megan Fox and "Unborn Child"

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Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images

Machine Gun Kelly gave a super emotional performance of his song "twin flame" at the Billboard Music Awards last night, and said he wrote it for Megan Fox, who he called "my wife."

"I wrote this song for my wife," MGK said before starting the song, adding midway through, "and this is for our unborn child." He then sang "Go to sleep/ I'll see you in my dreams/ This changes everything/ Now I have to set you free," and the sound of a heartbeat followed.

MGK didn't elaborate further, but an attendee told E! News that "people in the audience turned to each other perplexed and said, 'Wife?'"

He also spoke about the song on Twitter after performing, writing "broke my heart to sing the end of that song. i recorded twin flame 2 years ago today, the second half came a year later. beautifully serendipitous getting to sing it for you tonight."

MGK explained the meaning of the song to Entertainment Tonight, saying "It's really cool because it's a Lunar eclipse tonight. It's a full moon. It's her birthday tomorrow. I wrote this song two years ago exactly today, played it for her. It's just all the trip. It's all meant to be."

Megan added that the song made her emotional, saying "Yeah, there's like some really special secret meaning to the song as well, so I'm sure I will be. But I can't cry and fuck up this eyeliner."

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