Macron and Xi resurrect delusional ‘Olympic Truce’ idea – two years after Russia left it in tatters

French President talks to Chinese leader Xi Jinping in the framework of Xi's two-days visit to Paris on May 6
French President talks to Chinese leader Xi Jinping in the framework of Xi's two-days visit to Paris on May 6

French President Emmanuel Macron echoed Chinese leader Xi Jinping's deluded call for an Olympic Truce during the 2024 Paris Olympics this summer, France's Le Monde reported on May 6, citing Macron.

The naive call by the leaders of two permanent members of the UN Security Council ignores how Russia has violated a similar truce three times since 2014, including the last so-called Olympic Truce during the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing, when Russia launched its full-scale war of aggression and conquest in Ukraine.

Russia, in fact, was a co-sponsor of the UN bill calling for an Olympic Truce in 2022.

As Olympic host in 2014, in perhaps the most cynical and hypocritical dismissal of the Olympic Truce, Russia invaded Ukraine's Crimea. It was months before Russian dictator Vladimir Putin admitted it was his troops that "liberated" the still-occupied peninsula.

Russia also broke the Olympic Truce when it invaded Georgia in 2008 when Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics.

Macron and Xi hope their plea will lead to a ceasefire in Ukraine, Gaza, and Sudan.

Macron welcomed Xi's effort "to ask all parties for an Olympic Truce during our upcoming Games."

"We believe together that this initiative can be an opportunity to work towards a lasting settlement in full respect of international law," the French President said, without clarifying how an Olympic Truce in 2024 would be any different than those broken in recent years.

Neither leader elaborated on how to convince any warring party for a ceasefire.

The French President also welcomed China's "commitment" to "refrain from selling any weapons" to Russia.

Xi, in turn, urged not to "denigrate" China’s ‘efforts’ in the context of Ukraine, because, according to him, Beijing plays a "positive role" in finding a peaceful solution to the war.

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"We oppose using the ‘Ukrainian crisis’ to blame others, vilify a third country, and start a new Cold War," Xi said.

Macron first expressed hope of an Olympic Truce on April 15, citing his hope to involve third parties to achieve the truce. In particular, he mentioned asking China to help in the intiative.

The now-debunked modern Olympic Truce is a revival of the ancient Greek tradition where warring city-states would ensure the safe passage of athletes to the games.

Macron and Jinping hope the "truce" will run from July 19 through Sept. 15, beginning seven days before the Paris Olympics opens and lasting until seven days after the Paralympics close.

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