Macron pushes West to lose ‘self-imposed red lines’ in Ukraine — Lithuanian FM

Training NATO troops
Training NATO troops

It’s time for NATO countries to discuss potential deployment of troops to Ukraine, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said in an interview with Ouest-France on March 8.

Landsbergis was commenting on French President Emmanuel Macron recently suggesting that Kyiv’s Western partners might eventually have to commit their own forces to Ukraine’s defense. Macron’s remarks have since drawn substantial criticism from Germany and other NATO allies.

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“Now is the right time to discuss this,” said Landsbergis.

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“Starting this conversation erases the red lines we have imposed on ourselves.”

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The minister added that the war depends on the amount of equipment, and, according to him, Ukrainians have seven times fewer munitions than Russians. According to Landsbergis, Western countries would likely witness "some catastrophic events" in 2024.

“The situation is not improving, even though the Ukrainians are showing incredible bravery,” he continued.

“But the decisive nature of this battle hinges on Western capitals.”

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