Maggie Haberman Predicts ‘Very Mean’ Part Of Donald Trump’s Debate Performance

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman on Monday acknowledged the unpredictability of former President Donald Trump means “predictions of how he is going to actually be” during his first presidential debate against President Joe Biden, which CNN is hosting on Thursday, “are probably not worth very much.”

While most candidates prepare methodically for the televised head-to-head, Haberman noted how presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump had instead opted to focus on sessions about policy.

“But whether he is going to absorb what he’s learning there and whether he’s going to come in interrupting President Biden less than he did in 2020 in their first debate is an open question because he does what he wants to do,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Haberman did note how Trump has been asking supporters during recent campaign rallies whether he should be “tough and nasty” to Biden or “nice and calm and let him speak.”

“I think he will likely interrupt less, because I think that’s the lesson he took from the first debate in 2020,” the journalist said, adding: “I think he will be very mean toward Biden. I would be very surprised if he’s anything other than that.”

Watch Haberman’s full analysis here: