Magic The Gathering - Dominaria United Pre-Release Tournament Box - Got Foil Mythic!

Welcome to our 1st official Collector Card Game Break. When I found out about the throwback Legends cards, I decided I was probably going to be opening a few collector boosters. Its been a while since Magic has actually wow'ed me. Updating my MTG arena this weekend, it looks like I have actually missed almost a year's worth of the game. I started playing Magic back when revised was first out. I played competitively in the late 90s, but ended up sellling all my cards (yes 40 plus dual lands when I started working full time) In the late 2010s, I actually found some time to play it for fun, and casually started collecting the cards again. I started playing MTG arena when the Pandemic first started, and I rather enjoyed it. I did make a few mistakes in the video. Liliana is from Innistrad (like the snaps).