Magic The Gathering: Dominaria United release week - Chasing lost legends collector boosters

Welcome to our 2st official Collector Card Game Break. This week we are chasing some lost legends but also checking out what a couple of packs of set boosters are like. I did end up buying a box of collector boosters in the hopes of either opening or saving it. Might be berserk to open it but then again will probably be fun. Currently a box of collector boosters costs $329 CAD + tax. Collector Packs cost about $35 CAD. Will be interesting if we do end up keeping the box sealed to revisit this video. Sometimes cards take time to go up in value. Some cards may be deemed useless today yet tomorrow could be worth much more because someone found some way to abuse a mechnic. Well I hope you like the content. Let me know what you think. Should I open the box, or would you rather see it be a time capsule. Have a great week!