Magnetic Hill Zoo could be bouncing with 2nd batch of baby tigers

Magnetic Hill Zoo could be bouncing with 2nd batch of baby tigers

Love is in the air at the Magnetic Hill Zoo and coordinator Bernie Gallant says that could mean a warm welcome to a litter of tiger cubs in three months. 

Alik and Anya, a pair of five-year-old Amur tigers, were put together in January in the hopes they would breed.

Gallant said that has happened, adding they will know in a few weeks if Anya is pregnant. 

If she is, the zoo will have its second batch of tigers in two years.

Alik and Anya were mated in 2016 and the female tiger had three cubs. 

Gallant said Anya was a good mother the first time around. She was also very protective of her cubs, who fit into the palm of a person's hand when they were born. 

They go from that size to 40 to 50 pounds in six months. 

Finding homes

And if Anya is expecting, Gallant said they will begin communicating with other zoos that are looking to add tigers to their facilities. 

Alik and Anya were brought to the Magnetic Hill Zoo as part of the Big Cat exhibit in 2014. 

Gallant said they will mate the tigers as long as they can find homes for them. If not, steps will be taken to prevent the breeding from happening.

In the meantime, zoo staff will be watching Anya for weight gain, behavioural changes and lack of a cycle in three weeks to determine if she's pregnant.