I Need a Magnifying Glass to Examine Every Detail of Saweetie's 3D Floral Nails

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When Saweetie shares a pic of her nails, we pay very close attention. The “Nani” rapper is famous for her intricate nail art, designed with manicurist Temeka Jackson—so much so that one of her sets is literally in the Grammy Museum. (Now that's iconic.) To celebrate her birthday in early July, Saweetie opted for a pretty-in-pink 3D floral manicure that is so packed with enchanting details, I need a magnifying glass to see them all.

Saweetie showed off the nails in a photo dump of summer moments, including a Slurpee run at 7-11 and a few outfit pics, plus an up-close video of her nails so we could check out every single angle. (Scroll to slide three to see it.) The mani in question is an extra-long stiletto-shaped set that begins with a sheer, neutral pink base, atop which 3D flowers in varying sizes and shapes bloom; a few are translucent, while others look like camellias and cherry blossoms. The palette is light and sweet in shades of pearly white, ivory, baby pink, and pops of a darker pink. In general, the flowers are placed at mid-nail, and the tips themselves are clear but not fully see-through, reminiscent of pure ice—an ideal choice for the Icy Girl. Each tip is dotted with gemstones and flower petals for an explosion of girly, coquettish sweetness.

The floral manicure isn't the only one that makes a cameo in this carousel, either! In one snapshot, Saweetie wears a square-shaped set with alternating silver tips and full silver nails, spotted with pops of turquoise. In the final photo, Saweetie blows a kiss at the camera wearing ultra-glamorous crimson red stiletto nails with reddish-bronze eye shadow and piles of pearls. There's so much to love here, how could we pick a favorite?

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