Main Street update and Proposed Action Plan

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In the recent council meeting, town council had gone through a final project on updates regarding the Main Street construction project and presented a proposed action plan for the Main Street area.

For 2022 Patio Policy, which was initially presented to council in April of this year, one of the purposes of the temporary programs was to help inform the development of a patios policy.

Developing a patios policy will help formalize the program and provide more certainty to businesses wishing to open or continue with seasonal patios and for surrounding businesses regarding how potential impacts will be managed.

Approaching this policy will determine the appropriate incentive program for Coaldale based on comparative research. The second step through this policy would be to initiate dialogue with Main Street businesses to assess needs and select suitable programs.

“Well, again, I want to commend the council and staff for everything that’s happened. You truly morphed the main street into elevated into a showcase part of our town, and I was just admiring that work and wondering if some towns even translate some of that work,” said Mayor Kim Craig.

“I think my preference would always be to start with a working group, and the reason for the preference is because we’ve seen success with our half dozen other working groups that we’ve built up over the past term and the success that I think is a highlight for that type of format is we now have the waves and blades group that started initially as the arena enhancement group,” said Spencer Coil, director of planning and community development.

Coun. Bill Chapman had motioned to approve the Main Street action plan presented to council in their regular meeting, which was carried unanimously by councillors.

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Jaxon McGinn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Sunny South News

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