Maine Coons Captivated By Indoor Insect, Can't Stop Chirping

If there is a breed of cats that could be described as majestic, that would be the Maine Coon. There is something so admiringly beautiful and fierce about their appearance, they are truly a sight to behold. They look very similar to the lynx living in the wilderness, with their massive fur and most adorable mustaches, they can easily be mistaken as ones. Luckily, these beauties have been domesticated and are living in our homes.

Maine Coons might be absolutely stunning, but their upkeep is a bit tricky. The amount of fur they have on them requires a regular grooming if we don’t want their hairs to mat altogether as one. So if you don’t mind a few too many stray hairs all over your home, this cat is truly the one for you.

But beside their beauty, these kitty cats are actually quite the entertainment at home like all cats are. Just throw them a ball of yarn and watch them unravel it bit by bit, and you’ll never be bored again. These goofballs are very vocal, too. The sounds they make are extremely hilarious, and this video is here to prove it.

In this footage we can see a bunch of Maine Coons staring starstruck towards the ceiling. All of a sudden, one of them makes the most confusing chirping sound ever. At first you might think that it’s a distress call for some extraterrestrial breed of cats, but you’ll soon realize that it’s actually calling on the wasp that’s been circling the light. What an adorable weirdo!