Maitland Munchies ‘room service’ program to continue

WINGHAM – During the dark days of the pandemic, when children were separated into “cohorts” at school and confined to the classroom, Maitland River Elementary School Principal Angela Cowley tried something new at the school: room service.

Part of the broader food security program at the school called the Maitland Munchies, ‘room service’ became an excellent and fun way for the kids to have that little bit extra at school.

“It is a fun component of our Maitland Munchies program,” Cowley said. “Students order an item from a menu; staff tabulate how many items are needed, purchase them, and then we deliver them in a fun way. It was an activity that was created by me during COVID when students were ‘stuck in their rooms.’ Students liked it so much we are continuing with it.”

Staff and their families provide their time by helping to purchase the sweet treats and fill in the student’s orders.

The ‘room service’ program will continue to be a new school tradition several times a year.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times