Makeup-free Kelsea Ballerini shares her 'post-show, back to reality, no-filter, acne on my forehead look' with fans

It’s nothing new to see celebrities get glammed up in a makeup tutorial. Seeing them get de-glammed, however? Now you have our attention.

Kelsea Ballerini showed fans her post-show beauty routine. (Photo: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini let fans in on her real beauty routine this weekend, posting a video on Instagram that shows her removing her makeup, ditching the fake lashes, and scrubbing her face to show the all-natural beauty underneath.

“I’m a girly girl and I love getting dressed up and playing in makeup and feeling like Beyoncé,” the “I Hate Love Songs” singer wrote. “BUT I also love not depending on those things for my self worth. I realize a lot of the time our social media accounts are our highlight reels, but I really want to give you a genuine look at my real life on here. And while part of it is glittery and airbrushed, the other part is this! Here’s the post-show, back to reality, no-filter, acne on my forehead look. Unapologetically.”

While the video’s rapid speed doesn’t allow much of a glimpse of Ballerini’s bare face, her honesty won over supporters.

“This is why I love you, Kelsea,” a fan commented. “You are true to your roots.”

“Absolutely love this, thank you,” wrote a follower. “I see so many young girls wearing waaaay too much makeup and I hope they realize they don’t NEED it.”

“Good girl washing your face!!” read another comment. “And being so brave sharing that even the ‘perfect’ are imperfect in some ways and that’s OKAY!!”

“I love this!” a follower added. “Please keep letting these young girls know that perfection is an illusion and they are beautiful, flaws and all. You are an amazing role model and I’m so thankful for your posts like this.”

Ballerini’s commitment to keeping it real isn’t a one-off; she recently told fashion designer and Oath board member Zac Posen that she wants fans to see her true self.

“I promised myself that when I got signed as an artist, I would be the same person on Instagram, as I was out to dinner with my friends, as I was onstage,” she said. “Because my favorite artists are the ones you feel like you can reach out and touch, not the ones that are in a glass box.”

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