Have you been making grilled cheese sandwiches wrong all along?

There are differing factors when it comes to making the perfect grilled cheese: the crispness and colour of the bread, the amount of toasting time, and just the right amountof melted cheese. Whether you pile it on, keep bread lightly toasted or use butter to improve the crunch of the sandwich, the key ingredients are pretty much the same for everyone.

The starring lineup is typically bread, cheese of any variety and butter. But Australian food writer Tristan Lutze says that we’ve all been missing a key ingredient in our sandwich assembly: mayonnaise. If you want to up your toasted sandwich game, you can swap butter for mayonnaise to ensure a perfectly crisp treat every time.

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Just add mayo? (Getty)

Instead of buttering the outer slices of your sandwich to keep them from sticking to the pan and achieving a golden hue, use mayo. Swipe a thin layer where you’d normally place butter and then assemble accordingly. The mayonnaise is apparently more effective than butter because it browns more evenly once in contact with heat, and delivers a more crisp and delicious result.

The only thing that isn’t mentioned is you’ll taste the mayonnaise. If you aren’t a fan of the popular condiment, you may want to stick to the traditional butter method. For some this may deter them, but for others it’s an even greater incentive to adopt the new grilled cheese trend.

This new method is proving to be controversial with several foodies making additional recommendations to achieve the perfect sandwich.

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“Just butter the outside once toasted. Absolutely awesome cheese toasties!” commented one reader.

“I find cheese on toast more satisfying than a toasted cheese sandwich. Just toast the bread, butter, layer with cheese… Perhaps a dash of Worcestershire sauce, grill. It’s not that hard, seeing all that golden bubbly goodness. God I’m craving cheese on toast,” added another.

While feedback is mixed, one thing is certain, grilled cheeses will continue to be a lunchtime favourite regardless of how you achieve perfect crispness.

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