Makivik president ready to work with new Quebec premier

The president of the Makivik Corporation says he's ready to work with the new premier of Quebec.

Jobie Tukkiapik offered his congratulations to incoming premier Pauline Marois of the Parti Quebecois and said she has made history as the first woman elected to the position.

He said Makivik Corporation has worked with separatist governments in the past.

Tukkiapik said he expects the new premier will co-operate with the people of Nunavik on the many issues ongoing in northern Quebec.

Tukkiapik also said outgoing Premier Jean Charest will be missed by many Inuit. He said Charest paid a lot of attention to the North and its people.

Luc Ferland of the PQ was re-elected as Ungava’s member of the national assembly on Tuesday. However, many people in the region were relieved when the Parti Quebecois only won enough seats to form a minority government. There is concern about the resurgence of debate over language issues like in the 1980s.

Johnny Adams, former leader of the Kativik Regional Government, said Inuit were insulted by the Parti Quebecois' intention to force the French language on them.

“There was no respect given to the native people or to the anglophones in that respect,” he said. “We were going to be more forced into having to swallow French at the expense of Inuktitut especially.”

Some people in Nunavik are worried about the Parti Quebecois' goal to strengthen Bill 101, the French language law. They say Inuit are trying to strengthen Inuktitut and want to make sure the language policy doesn't hurt those efforts.

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