Maks Chmerkovskiy Says He's 'Taking Suggestions' for Names for Baby No. 3: 'Run Out of Ideas' (Exclusive)

The couple is already parents to sons Shai and Rio

<p>Maks Chmerkovskiy/instagram</p> Maks Chmerkovskiy with his two sons

Maks Chmerkovskiy/instagram

Maks Chmerkovskiy with his two sons

Maks Chmerkovskiy is living out his dream.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the Dancing with the Stars alum, 44, chatted about his baby on the way with wife Peta Murgatroyd, 37. The couple, who is already parents to sons Shai, 7, and Rio, 7 months, announced that they are expecting another baby less than a year after welcoming their second son.

"It's definitely a dream come true, all those beat-up phrases," Chmerkovskiy tells PEOPLE. "I'm extremely excited to be in this position, in this place in my life. I am also very aware of the perspective, of where I come from, of where I am now."

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"I dreamt about this before. The family with somebody that I really want to have a family with. This unconditional love and house and it's all of that. I'm also very much aware that it's not that for everybody."

Noting that he was in Ukraine at the start of the war, the professional dancer says that he just feels lucky to be in his position.

"I'm definitely enjoying all of the above, but I'm very aware of how lucky I am," adds Chmerkovskiy.

"It's easy to be a father of three with a spouse such as Peta," he says of his wife. "It's not because I must, but I must admit that my job is much simpler than hers and I definitely get to enjoy the benefits of how amazing a mother, a wife and a friend that she is."

Asked how his wife is feeling, Chmerkovskiy laughs.

"I don't know, she's pregnant again," he jokes. "I don't know how you guys do it. The girls, my hats off. I bow down to you. I wake up and sometimes I just feel like I'm a little off, maybe I'll stay in bed."

"And she wakes up with morning sickness and goes to work. We're not built the same," he laughs. "We're very much a yin-yang kind of couple and we do contribute in our ways to the same pot and we're very proud of the pot that we have created. And our little family and how it's grown. I'm that dad. I'm fully into it."

As for his older son, the proud dad says Shai has recently been enjoying experiencing new cities.

"Shai's been on every production that I've done in the last seven years. He was in Peta's belly in 2016 when we went on tour with my brother for the first time. He was there in 2018 when we went for the second tour when Mommy was also a star. He was on tour buses. He's flown," Chmerkovskiy says.

"Our latest is that, I mean he's on this trip right now. It's like his third city in five days and he's having incredible access. So for me, I'm again I'm aware of what I didn't have that he gets to have. How that affects him."

"We're also trying to be very much Mom and Dad as much as we are Maks and Peta," he says. "It's a balance but he's loving life. We're making sure of that."

While the famous couple gets ready to welcome their third baby, Chmerkovskiy says he is struggling to come up with a name after naming his first two sons.

"For the third, it's just a number. From now on, I'm like, 'Babe, please. It's been difficult enough naming the first two,' " he jokes.

"I'm going to let her reveal the sex next week herself. She wants to tell everybody because we're being asked. I'm like, 'Babe, can you please just say it already? Because I don't want to keep any more secrets.'"

"And then after that, we'll definitely open up for people's suggestions," Chmerkovskiy says. "Because I've run out of ideas and letters in the alphabet. So we'll see what happens."

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