Malcolm Jenkins rips Stephen Curry for being on the Pats' sideline at Super Bowl

Athletes everywhere, take note. You do not want to get on Malcolm Jenkins’ bad side. The Philadelphia Eagles safety is good at destroying people, and not just with his body … with his mouth as well.

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry found himself in Jenkins’ crosshairs during the Eagles’ upset win against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Jenkins saw Curry wearing red on the Pats’ sideline during pregame warmups, and decided to express his displeasure to teammate Jalen Mills.

He starts off by saying, “I knew I didn’t like Steph Curry.”  And then finishes by calling Curry a “frontrunner.” That’s likely a reference to Curry cheering for the Carolina Panthers during their Super Bowl run and now cheering for the Patriots just a few years later.

Except, that’s not what happened. Curry was wearing red at the Super Bowl, but it wasn’t Patriots apparel. It was a Minnehaha Redhawks hoodie. You can see the front of his hoodie more clearly in other pictures from the game.

Just to clear up any confusion, Curry tweeted about it.

Torrey Smith — who Curry referenced in his tweet — responded by not only backing up Curry, but saying Curry was actually rooting for the Eagles to win.

Yes, it looks like the entire thing was a misunderstanding.

How will Jenkins respond now? He’s got a few options. He can play the whole thing off as a joke, or try and reinforce his point even harder. And while we hope cooler heads prevail, there’s something poetic about a defensive star being forced to get defensive.

Malcolm Jenkins wasn’t happy to see Stephen Curry at the Super Bowl. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma)

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