Man accused of attacking woman in Rothesay to stand trial June 6

Man accused of attacking woman in Rothesay to stand trial June 6

A man accused of attacking a woman in Rothesay until three KV Rentals workers intervened will remain in jail until his trial date on June 6.

Christopher Albert Belyea, 44, has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault causing bodily harm, possession of marijuana and break and enter into a residence.

Belyea has been in custody since his arrest around March 1.

Belyea was denied bail on March 13 and a publication ban covers the evidence presented at that hearing.

Meanwhile, the three KV Rentals workers who witnessed the assault in the wooded area behind the store, and then stepped in to stop it, say the reaction from their community has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Brandon Childs, 18, says customers have come in with kind words and gift cards.

Childs said the victim herself also came into the shop on Friday. He said she looked a lot better.

"She just thanked us for helping her out when other people would have probably looked the other way," said Childs.

"It was just a nice gesture on her part to come back, even though it would have been a rough situation to come back and see all of us and thank us."

Childs, along with 21-year-old Erik Pitre and 19-year-old Keith Bishop, son of KV Rentals owner Andrew Bishop, also got a certificate of recognition from their local member of Parliament.

Saint John—Rothesay MP Wayne Long delivered it in person March 15.

Childs said he doesn't know whether he'll be asked to testify at Belyea's trial, which is scheduled to last two days.