Man convicted of manslaughter in Glace Bay man's death granted full parole

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The man who fatally stabbed his Nova Scotian neighbour after a night of drinking has been granted full parole.

Nicholas Rasberry was convicted of manslaughter in connection to the death of teacher Craig Kelloway in Calgary.

The two men had been socializing and drinking together on the night of May 4, 2013 when Kelloway was killed.

Rasberry used three knives to stab Kelloway 37 times.

In a confession to a 911 dispatcher, Rasberry said the act was in self-defence, saying the former Glace Bay man had tried to sexually assault him.

Kelloway's family disputes the claim.

Full parole, with conditions

In its December decision, the Parole Board of Canada granted Rasberry full parole, with conditions. The board said it considered victim impact statements from members of Kelloway's family.

"They describe you as a "liar" and not having any respect for the harm you caused, " the board wrote to Rasberry.

"They indicate you have lived a "privileged" life and that you being granted conditional release is another example of the privilege you will continue to enjoy despite the harm you caused."

The board also considered the extent of the stab wounds and deadly injuries to the victim, along with letters of support for Rasberry.

Since securing day parole in June, Rasberry has maintained employment with a friend's company. The board said he also participated in bi-weekly counselling sessions with a clinical social worker.

In granting full parole, Rasberry must adhere to a number of conditions.

He must follow a treatment plan, report his intimate relationships and friendships and must abstain from drugs and alcohol.

He is also to have no contact with Kelloway's family.

The Correctional Service of Canada assessed Rasberry and considers his risk for future violence, or general offending, as low.

Kelloway, 31, had been working as a middle school teacher when he was killed.

At the time of his death, he left behind a girlfriend and infant child.