Man forced to play U.S. Open qualifier as fantasy football punishment, shoots 40-over

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As far as fantasy football punishments go, John Eckert can’t be too upset.

After all, he made four pars and got to play a country club course.

The 26-year-old Kansas City-area man finished last place in his fantasy football league last fall, which prompted a punishment from his friends. As a result, he had to compete in a local U.S. Open qualifier.

On Monday, Eckert hit the course at Oakwood Country Club in Kansas City to pay off his debt — and he finished in dead last after firing a 40-over 112.

Three people qualified for the U.S. Open from the qualifier. Ryan Argotsinger and Andrew Beckler tied for first with an even-par 72, and Jacob Solomon took third with a 1-over 73.

Eckert was actually late for his tee time, as he went to the first hole instead of the 10th, and then was quickly 5-over after just two holes. He finished his first nine at 22-over, and then made double, or worse, on his first four holes on his back nine. His lone bright spot in the round, though, has to be his three pars in the final five holes of the day — even though there was a quadruple bogey in the mix.

"I'm pretty happy with the four pars, for sure," Eckert told ESPN’s Mark Schlabach. "The walking got to me. I'm more of a cart guy myself."

Eckert, who told ESPN that he tries to play about once a month and aims to finish in the low 90s, actually registered as a professional for the event — which is what allowed him to compete in the first place. Amateurs are required to hold a 1.4 handicap or lower to play in qualifiers, something Eckert doesn’t have.

Because of that designation, and his extremely high score, Eckert is no longer an amateur and won’t be allowed back.

But hey, maybe the experience will push him to run his football team a little bit better next fall.

U.S. Open
John Eckert finished in dead last after being forced to play in a U.S. Open qualifier on Monday as his fantasy football punishment. (Harry How/Getty Images)