Man On Kayak Has Amazing Seal Pup Encounter In Scotland

When riding a sea kayak, you never know what might be around the corner. Here, at a group of islands amidst the tidal flows of Argyll, Scotland, a very young seal spreads its charm. This man had a magical encounter with a sea pup, and befriended the little guy.

This man is merrily rowing his kayak in the Argyll area and obviously knows well this place, because he is heading towards a small island where he meets a very special friend of his. The big brown eyes of a cute seal pup meet the man, as soon as he debarks from the sea kayak on shore. He approaches the little white pup and talks in a very sweet voice. The adorable seal baby looks as if he understands the words.

Moments later, the man is retreating to his kayak, and the seal pup is heading towards the water, to take a swim. This little pup is apparently learning how to swim and doesn’t have a very successful start because it jumps right into the seaweed and gets entangled in the process.

However, the pup continues swimming and tries to reach the kayak, slightly touching it with its nose. These two have a very special bond and interact in the most adorable way. The man is patient when it comes to the baby seal learning how to swim, and doesn’t invade his space by scaring him away. The seal is curious about the man and his kayak, and swims near the kayak. The seal is making some noises, trying to communicate with the man.

This place can be visited only by a sea kayak, not by noisy tourist boats, and that is what makes this place so magical.