Man kept bag of money he found outside bank, Connecticut cops say. Now he’s charged

A Connecticut man thought he had struck gold when he found a bag of money on the ground outside a bank.

After a monthslong search for the person who picked up a bag containing nearly $5,000, the man in question turned himself in, according to a news release from the Trumbull Police Department on Aug. 26. Police said they charged him the previous day with third-degree larceny.

It turns out the bag belonged to the Trumbull Tax Collector’s Office, Trumbull police wrote in the release. An employee with the collector’s office was making a deposit on May 30, police said, when they discovered the bag was not there.

“Detectives conducted numerous interviews, obtained search warrants and reviewed multiple surveillance videos from local businesses over the course of several months and learned that the bank deposit bag had been inadvertently dropped on the ground outside of the bank,” Trumbull police said.

When the employee had accidentally left the bag outside the bank, the man picked it up, police said.

“The deposit bag was clearly marked with the bank’s insignia and contained numerous documents that identified the owner of the contents as the Town of Trumbull,” police said.

The Trumbull resident told police he was at the bank that day and had taken the money, according to the release. But he told the Connecticut Post he didn’t believe he had done anything wrong.

“I walked out onto the parking lot, saw something on the ground and there was no one around so I picked it up,” the man said. “It’s not like I stole something.”

He said if he had known it was wrong, he would have given it back right away.

“It’s not like this was planned out,” he told the Connecticut Post. “Everything was in the moment and it was like I hit the lottery. That was it.”

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