Man ‘Killed His Pet Dog Because It Looked At Him Weird’

A man has been arrested for allegedly brutally killing his pet dog after it “looked at him weird”.

Javier Orelly is said to have have kicked and thrown his dog around his home in Palm Beach County, Florida, according to a concerned neighbour who phoned the police.

When officers arrived, they allegedly found Orelly, 28, digging a grave in front of his apartment with the body of his dog next to it.

The animal had allegedly been decapitated and its head was sitting on top of two rocks in what is believed to have been a sacrificial killing.

A police report said: “Orelly was stressed out and needed to sacrifice animals to cleanse himself.”

He initially told police that the dog had bitten him but then changed his story, saying that he stabbed the animal in the neck after it “looked at him weird”, before using an axe to finish the job.

Two large knives and a “small medieval axe” were reportedly found close to the bodies, as well as a carving of the word ‘tortura’.

Orelly is also said to have confessed to killing a duck, which was also found near the dog.

He was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and possession of marijuana.

He is due in court on Friday after a mental health evaluation is carried out.

Pic: Police handout

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