Man Needs New iPhone After Swapping His For A Bite Of Pepperoni Pizza


The sight of a freshly-cooked pepperoni pizza was too much for one festival-goer to take - so much so that he swapped his IPHONE for a single bite.

Allan Banning has become a Facebook star after putting up a status that asked if anyone was selling an Apple iPhone 5 - and revealing why exactly he needed to buy one.

While Allan, from Dunfermline, Fife, was at Scottish festival T In The Park recently, his desperation for pizza was worth losing out on his precious smartphone.


He wrote: “If anyone on here is selling an iphone 5 or better please let me know…

“Swapped mines at titp last week for a bite of pepperoni pizza.

"If you’re not selling one feel free leave a wide comment, regards.”


Naturally his post was shared and retweeted thousands of times, although we’re not sure Allan has a new phone as a result.

He later tweeted that he had “no regrets”, adding: “The pizza was outstanding and I would do it all again.”

Maybe at least get a whole slice out of it next time.