Man nets six months for aggravated assault

A Saint John man was sentenced Tuesday to six months in jail, followed by a year on probation, for his role in swarming and attacking his girlfriend’s ex.

Adrayan Eugene Parent, 22, of By Road #2 in Saint John, had previously pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in the case of a May 2021 attack in Kings County.

According to the facts of the case, on May 9, 2021, Parent’s girlfriend, Kaleigh Daigle, called her ex-boyfriend to meet up in Willow Grove, where he was attacked by Parent and Daigle, along with another woman and three men.

The victim was stabbed and suffered other laceration injuries, was struck in the face and had a gun pointed at him, court heard. He was also sprayed with mace, and his vehicle was damaged.

The victim was not identified.

Crown prosecutor Jill Knee characterized Parent’s role in the ambush as slightly less than some of the others in the group, “but not remarkably less,” noting Daigle was his girlfriend at the time.

Judge Kelly Ann Winchester said Parent’s involvement included hitting the man in the face, but it hasn’t been determined who was holding the knife.

“I’d like to say I really regret what I did,” Parent told court Tuesday. “I’m terribly sorry about it,” adding he realized his apology may be “a little too late.”

Winchester said aggravated assault could come with a prison sentence of up to 14 years, but ultimately accepted the joint submission from the Crown and defence attorney Reid Chedore.

The judge described the sentencing as “sort of a gift” in light of the case law, which supports sentences between three and eight years for aggravated assault.

Winchester said the day’s events were “probably not the proudest moment for you or your family members,” calling the assault “beyond the pale” due to the remote area and the injuries the victim suffered.

“I have to denounce your conduct, and deter not only you but others from committing this crime,” she said.

A victim impact statement wasn’t read to the court during the sentencing, but Winchester said she’d read it and took it into consideration before making her decision. She said Parent’s young age, lack of record and early guilty pleas were also taken into consideration.

Along with the six-month aggravated assault sentence, Parent must serve a 30-day concurrent sentence for breaching a court order in Oct. 2022.

Winchester said she hopes Parent has reached “a level of maturity” and has cut ties with certain friends.

“As they say, when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas,” she said.

Daigle, now 20, of Sylvia Drive, was sentenced in December to five months in jail for aggravated assault, with 12 months of probation and $2,000 in restitution in the matter.

Chedore said the young man had “an amazing support network” and many family members had attended court that day.

“I’m sure this is the last time you’ll see him in this context,” he said.

- With files from Andrew Bates

Marlo Glass, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Telegraph-Journal