Man racially harasses Asian woman in Astoria, NYC

This random guy came up to me out of nowhere in Astoria, with no mask covering his mouth, repeatedly asking me “Yo why do Chinese people eat dogs?” and aggressively following me around. This was at the Broadway station on Broadway & 31st St in Astoria. There’s a huge spike in anti-asian hate crimes nowadays and there needs to be more awareness surrounding this issue. What’s also crazy is that there were so many people standing around watching (because of the maintenance hole explosions), but no one stepped in to help, even though they saw that I was running up and down the block and around them, trying to dodge the guy from coming at me and continuing to harass me. Anti-asian hate crimes and harassments like this need to be stopped. There’s such a lack of media coverage on this and we are scared. I’m hoping that this will bring more awareness to the matter at hand. If you live in Astoria or will be around the neighborhood, please be aware of this man. I’m glad that there was a train station right there so that I could run up and escape him. This behavior is seriously unacceptable. Please be safe everyone!