Man rescued by police before his boat was swept over Niagara Falls

Police rescued a man along Niagara River on Wednesday, shortly before his boat was swept over the Horseshoe Falls.

According to Niagara police, the man fell off his watercraft around 7 p.m. in the restricted waters near the International Control Dam, located at Niagara Parkway and Upper Rapids Boulevard. 

After locating the man, who was found floating and wearing a life jacket, officers positioned themselves in three locations along the shoreline between the former Toronto Power Generating Station and the brink of the falls.

Officers managed to remove the man using a safety line and a ladder, Niagara police said in a news release Friday. 

He was sent to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.  

His boat, however, went over the falls, and was recovered the following day in the lower Niagara River basin.

Police say another person was also observed driving a boat in the restricted waters, who steered back toward shore. 

Both watercraft operators have been charged under the Canada Shipping Act.